Sunday, 15 May 2011

what an improvment - PART ONE

I was just looking back on some of the work I did in the summer, compared to what I can do now and the difference is shocking, I'm almost ashamed to call it my own.
For one the concept art i did for stop motion, compared to 3d animation, compared to final project, compared to now.....well it dosent even compare.

this reminds me a bit of pigeon street an old 80s cartoon....

mr baskerville was a detective not a hunter....

then there was the old first attempt at a graphics tab.... for 3d animation...

I made it out of parts of hoovers, it could have been better, alot better, it reminds me of the concept art for a 90's video game, dr robotniks mean bean machine.

I think its the crappy way in which it is rendered.

well you can see the improvement.

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