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ethical - constraints of interactive media full version.

here is the unit 105 ethical constraints of interactive media, distinction level assignment. As requested by 3 people. I hope this helps you to understand better.

victorias note

although I dont mind you looking at my blog for reference purposes i would advise against copying and pasting the whole thing, because you will be missing out on a the sense of self satisfaction you will get from trying really hard at something and suceeding in understanding it.

Ethical issues within interactive media

What are the ethical constraints for Authorship and Ownership issues for your selected interactive media example?

Authorship and ownership issues are like copyright because owning author ship over any work gives this person copyright to that work and the right to distribution and production of that work.

Here are some screen-shots from the dove beauty campaign video. This video shows how a models appearance is altered with computer software from the image on the left to the image on the right. Because the dove company owns the authorship over this video they also have the responsibility to deal with the impact it has on whoever views it. This video may appear to suggest that you have to look a certain way which discriminates against a lot of people especially women. The makers of this video knew it would make people feel inadequate if they watched it and that is part of there selling strategy for the product because this video also suggests that there product will make you look like the model on the right.

This is a screen shot from another video made for the “dove real beauty campaign” that the company have ownership over, this particular example suggests you can look good no matter what which is what the campaign set out to achieve. The aim of the dove beauty campaign is to suggest that “real women” can look good and do not have to look like models to be beautiful, but there campaign is flawed because the products that they sell help to rectify the things they claim to be beautiful in the campaign such as firming cream to get rid of curves and anti ageing cream to rectify wrinkles, the real beauty campaign sort of contradicts itself and dove have had to deal with the controversy there campaign has created.

I found several quotes Online at

that back up my opinions about why a video such as this would have authorship and ownership issues because the company will have to deal with the contraversy it creates, it also backs up my opinion about why there campaign is flawed.

“but despite the company's continued and commendable intent to expand notions of female beauty to include the non-skinny and non-white, Dove's attempts are profoundly limited by a product line that comes with its own underlying philosophy: cellulite is unsightly, women's natural aging process is shameful, and flabby thighs are flawed and must be fixed … oh, so conveniently by Dove's newest lotion. Dove started the campaign and have to deal with the impact and controversy it has created”

It is important for a client to consider the impact a particular piece of interactive media may have, if you were commissioned to create an advert like this and it was considered controversial your reputation may be affected aswell as the company who commissioned you to do the work.

What are the ethical constraints for race issues for your selected interactive media example?

In this flash game you have to seek out the person with the dark skin from all the white people on the screen, when you have found him you have to click on him, and he reveals a bomb under his coat and blows up (also killing all of those around him).
This game is racist and discriminates against dark skinned people, not only because you have to blow up the “black man” but because it suggests that all black men are terrorists.
Blowing someone up because of the colour of their skin is definitely in breach of the race relations act because it makes it unlawful to discriminate against anyone on the grounds of their race, colour, nationality, religious beliefs, national or ethnic origins.
Unfortunately the act only protects from peoples actions not there opinions or beliefs so to break the law you would have to deliberately use this flash game to offend someone like posting it on there website or emailing it to them. Just making the game is not enough to break the law on its own.

Another example an interactive media example that may be in breach of the race relations act is the video game resident evil 5. This video game has been labelled as potentially racist because of who you kill in the game.

I found a quote online at that stated;

“It's a rare thing for a game to be labeled as potentially racist. But that's what it's come to for Capcom's Resident Evil 5. What's drawing the ire of many outside the industry (and raising the eyebrows of some within it) is who you kill in RE5”

In the game the primary targets are native Africans that have a virus and the game may be seen as racist and in breach of the racial relations act because it singles out a particular ethnic group and creates racial stereotypes and may be seen to depict Africa as a nation of savages you also play a white man and spend a lot of the first half of the game killing people with dark skin.

I found another quote online that backs up my opinion at
that states;

“numerous journalists and social commentators raised concern that the game itself would reinforce unhealthy stereotypes”

Because enemies you kill in this game have dark skin the game could easily be perceived to have racist undertones.

Here is a screen shot from the game Resident evil 5 and clearly shows the act of the main character shooting people with black skin and clearly backs up my opinion why the game may be perceived as racist.

If this game was found to cause or encourage people to commit racist acts especially those of violence then the creator of this game could be prosecuted or even given a prison sentence.

What are the ethical constraints for Blasphemy issues for your selected interactive media example?

I found an example of a blasphemous online flash game were you can choose such as Muhammad, God, Jesus, Buddha and Ganesha as playable characters.
Some people may find this game blasphemous because it mocks something that is sacred to certain religions, Many religions would find this game offensive because they do not like people to create images of there gods this is because they didn't want their people to worship 'false idols', there were fears that the followers may worship the image, and not what it represents.

The fact that you can make these characters commit acts of violence against each other just adds to the mockery. The aim of the game is to beat up and KILL the other god.

Here are some screen shots of the blasphemous online “flash” games they clearly show gods and certain “sacred figures” beating the crap out of each other. These games are blasphemous because they portray these “sacred figures” in a mocking and disrespectful fashion.

I found a quote online at that was taken from some religious scriptures

that backs up my opinion as to why this “game” may be viewed as blasphemous

it states

“it is “unjust” to “try to create the likeness of god's creation, all the painters who make pictures of there god would be in the fire of Hell”

It would be against certain religions to mock gods in this way, This blasphemous flash game would have an impact in certain country's that follow the Islamic religion which take blasphemy very seriously and making and playing this game could lead to imprisonment or even the death penalty. The ethical issue of blasphemy would have to be taken into consideration if working abroad in an Islamic country and creating some interactive media, especially if that interactive media included images that would offend this way, it is a particularly important thing to take into consideration because the penalties are so high.

Ethical constraints for gender issues

What are the ethical constraints for gender (female) issues for your selected interactive media example?

A found an example of a sexist animation that some people may consider sexist towards women, The animation is of a man and a women and basically suggests that men will only like you if you sleep with them. Some women may find the content of this animation discriminating or even degrading. The internet is commonly used and had even been exploited as a means for people to express opinions that may be deemed sexist, and although this animation may have been made as a joke, some people may find its content offensive.

I found a quote online at

that states how and why interactive media such as the web has been exploited for people to express there sexist views and opinions.

“The web is getting more and more social, with different tools, people can leave notes on web pages, protest, share website reviews, send messages to millions and get their voices heard, they can do this anonymously without any implications for there actions There are so many people out there expressing there views that there is a lot of web based media that shows and even makes a joke out of sexist and racist web-content”

because people can use interactive media such as the web to be sexist anonymously it is easy for people to express these opinions because there are no legal consequences for there actions.

What are the ethical constraints for gender (male) issues for your selected interactive media example?

This example is of a video advert that's aim is to promote and sell pampers nappies. The video shows a women looking after and cuddling her baby.
Some men may find this advert offensive or even sexist because it suggests that only women can look after babies. In the modern world gender roles have been reversed and whereas in the past it would have been women that stayed at home to look after there children many men are doing this job these days and may find this add offensive.

I found a quote online that backs up my opinion about why this add may be deemed as sexist from a man's point of view here is the link

the quote states

“these days it is considered the cultural norm for men to stay at home and look after there children as women would do years ago, suggesting that men are not naturally up to this task is ridiculous as well as sexist”

The people who made this advert should consider the ethical issues and the impact this video advert has, proctor and gamble may aim this add at women because they believe that women are more likely to buy nappies than men, but in this day and age this may not be the case, so proctor and gamble may be loosing customers because they have not considered the ethical issue of gender when produces this video to advertise there product.

When creating a piece of interactive media special care should be taken to make sure the content is not seen as sexist, this can include imagery that creates gender stereotypes or text that suggests the interactive media is only for a particular gender.

An example of where this is the case is the 3D volvo logo used for the car advert and on the company's website, the logo may be deemed as sexist because it is a “man symbol” and although the advert may be aimed at men as the potential customers buying the car, women buy cars to just as much as men, so this was not taken into consideration when thinking about what imagery to use for that particular interactive media example.

3D volvo logo in shape of the “man symbol” may be deemed as sexist towards women.

What are the ethical constraints of Age in your interactive media example?

This is an example of interactive media that may have ethical issues for age. Ageism means that a particular age group is being discriminated against and this interactive media example does just that. Theee adverts for Evian water have the “tagline” live young I believe that an aged person may find this advert offensive as it implys that to feel good you have to be young.

The adverts for evian water paticularly depict young people in there adverts as shown in the above example. The advert is ageist because it discriminates against a particular age group (old people in this example) it may give the impression that you cannot feel young if you are old and this has ethical issues because it singles out a whole age group, I believe that the company that sells this water should take the ethical issue of age into consideration and realise they are not reaching a wider market with this advert and could be loosing out on a lot of custom.

I found a quote online that relates to this particular example that draws reference from the fact this advert depicts ageism.

here is the link the quote stated

“ageism where will it stop, I hear evians next campaign will show a foetus iceskating, maybe the producers of this advert should consider they are loosing out on a sales from people who are sixty plus”

This quote backs up my opinion that the creators of this advert are not thinking about the impact that this video will have on aged people, or what they are missing out on in sales.

When creating a peace of interactive media it is very important to not single out a particular age group, even if you have a particular target audience in mind you could find a way to aim your interactive media at that target audience without including words or imagery that may single an age group out, the evian water advert has used wording in there tagline that makes there product seem ageist, the words “live young” without these particular words, or if another tagline had been used for there product such as “live well” or “live healthy” the ethical issues for age in this example may not be such an issue.

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Are Virtual Sports Days the future for school children?

I managed to make it to my sons sports day today, and how different it is to the sports days I had when I was at school. No egg and spoon race in case one of the children accidentally swallows the raw egg and gets salmonella poisoning, No sacks, in case someones dumb kid puts it over there head and suffocates and no 3 legged race, because the tie-ing up of children is not allowed.  and no medals because every ones a winner (but that's a different matter).

The point I'm trying to make is that this "over protectiveness" of our children has become a joke. Sure, no school wants any harm to come to there pupils, but how far will this go?

I joked to my mother that soon children will be having "virtual sports days" where they will run on virtual running tracks with there virtual eggs and spoons without any risks and parents could watch at home via the  Internet instead of having to stand bored in a field for an hour and a half.  Or maybe they'll all just sit in the hall and play the latest version of Wii sports, who knows?

Looks like someone had the same idea

I know I suggested the virtual sports days as a joke but I dont think it will be long before they put it into practice.

The designers prayer

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3DS Are you not entertained?

The remake of Ocarina of time for the 3DS looks amazing, I cant believe that I passed the offer of a new 3DS because I didnt want my attention to be turned from my college work.

 I was talking to a friend last week who showed me the game on his 3DS and he mentioned to me that the popularity of them hasnt been very good because they cause epileptic fits if you stare at them for too long, but this is only if you are prone to them.

.At the end of the day watching pokemon can give you epileptic fits, and there are health and safety instructions that come with the console that clearly state you should have breaks every 40 minutes.

People want to be entertained and in my opinion Nintendo is the king of video game entertainment because they create new and innovative ways to game, its not just about flashy graphics, call the wii a crappy console if you wish but I plan on defending its awesomeness.

Before the wii game out would you have ever believed that you could game and keep fit at the same time, actually have to move to game and not just twiddle your thumbs, but that was moaned about. There were kids saying "it aches my arm," thats because you have to move mate, its called exercise.

Heres an extract from the article.
"Nintendo is contributing to the epidemic of obesity, Young and old are putting away their gym clothes and shying away from going outdoors to play sports, because the addictive appeal to the Wii game products. Just as the tobacco companies created such a false image of their products and hid the potential dangers, so is Nintendo."The irony of course is that a lawsuit blaming Nintendo for your being a fat moron who broke his arm pretending to play tennis is just as bad for lazy Americans who don't want to take responsibility for their lives.
What about the DS, the touchscreen enabled gaming in a whole different way, you could cut vegtables (cooking mama)  take dogs for walks (nintendogs) or chat women up (project rub) if thats to your liking.
I once saw a guy picking the plaque off his teeth with his stylus, something you cant do with a psp.

Image from the game project rub

Anyway the point is that some people are just never satisfied with ANYTHING and just complain about everything, the wii is awesome why cant you see it.

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Legal and ethical constraints of interactive media

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Top 5 - Wickedly different video game environments

Id like to showcase my personal favourite top 5 very different video game environments. I think that the environment sets the whole atmosphere for a game and that video game environments can make or break a game and because the centre of what makes a game great or crap.


 Massive environments to explore that seem to never end along with old Japanese style graphics for the environment made  Okami one of the best gaming experiences of my life, I loved the environment so much that I never used the short cuts in this game to travel across the vast world, I made the game drag so I could enjoy that "first time played" experience more, its the never the same the second time round, this is so huge though you are bound to miss stuff out, definitely worth a second play.

Viewtiful Joe

VIEWTIFUL JOE was a 2 and a half D game in the sense that it was appearedto be 2D but was 3D when you got to the end of the screen and turned around corners. The game looked gorgoeous with old comic book style graphics, the environments just reminded me of my childhood, loved this game. Although Many say that it was Solid.

The legend of Zelda - the windwaker

You had to sail across a whole ocean in this game and visit over 50 different islands, the fact that you controlled the boat made exploring so cool. to think i hated this game because of the cel shaded graphics at first, but its in my top 10 games of all time now.

super Mario sunshine

This game was so bright and sunny that playing it made you feel like you are outside in the sunshine (or was it because I should have been out in the sunshine but I was Indoors playing video games). After getting so far in the game there is even an option to wear a pair of sunglasses or shades (in the game) to tone down the brightness.  

Silent Hill

THE WALLS! THEY ARE ALIVE! This game gruesomeness is horrifyingly awesome.

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Making animations on handheld games consoles

When I was  a child Id idle away hours with a pen and pad making flip books and then showing them off to my friends. I about died with excitement  when my sons Christmas prezzie had a free flip book application on it. Lets say he was less than pleased that he didn't get his new toy to his-self until after boxing day.

The DSi has been around for a while now, but I just love the fact that it came with free flip book software for making your own animations on the go, you can then paste these animations to the Flipnote hatena website
with a simple press of the button. Its cool and provides endless hours of fun.

I first started off with very simple animations such as a car moving or a guy blowing up a balloon, but seeing what was out there inspired me to create something a little more fun.
You have the option to allow others to build on your creations or you can make it so they cant be changed the option is yours,whatever you create it can be downloaded by others to there DSi's. I found that the best flip notes were the short ones.


Aardman (creators of Wallace and Gromit) made a few of these flip books for the DSi that were 10 seconds long and they were really good, they invented characters such as the sandwich twins about 2 rounds of toast and ski sundae about an ice cream sundae that went skiing, they also did a few to advertise the new handheld legend of Zelda games. They were all cool.

These two flip notes are among many that Aardman have made exclusively for Nintendo you can view the rest HERE

If you have a DSi watching these is so inspirational and you will soon get the flip note bug and absolutely have to make your own, like I did, Mine are not brilliant but here they are.


I made this almost two years ago, it was the most popular flip note I have ever made.

This flip note about a prank call* wasn't so popular but I found it quite amusing to make, and a lot of people I knew also found it quite amusing.
*The characters in this flip note were not based on any real person or events.

There is a limit on the colours you can use but it is quite amazing to see what can be done with this application. So there you go, check out the Flipnote Hatena Website and see for yourself!

John martin - painting the apocolypse

What do you think of apocolyptic art?  who is John Martin?
 A very close family friend of mine pointed me in the direction of John Martin a popular artist from the 19th century, and i was like "who?" apparently there showing an exhibition of his work in sheffield, thanks for telling me, If only I lived up north.
Apparently this artists work inspired sci fi movies and heavy metal album covers, but his work was snubbed by the art establishment of his day, well I think his work is cool.
My friend told me that,
I plan to get over there, as I like the style, which I first came across at Glasgow Museum and Art Gallery, then saw some more at the Reina Sofia and got hooked.
he also gave me a link to the article John Martin painting the apocalypse here is an extract.

John Martin was one of the most popular artists of the 19th Century. So why have most people never heard of him?
If ever there was an artist whose reputation deserves restoration, it’s John Martin (1789–1854). Described by The Times as ‘the painter with the power to stop even a bored teenager in his gallery-traipsing tracks’, Martin’s dramatic images have inspired everything over the years from sci-fi films to heavy metal album covers. Yet, compared to contemporaries like Constable and Turner, he was largely snubbed by the art establishment of his day – John Ruskin was a particularly vocal critic! Instead, Martin developed his audience from the grass roots – relying on an eye for enthralling subjects and tireless touring of his paintings to build his popularity.

Top 10 interactive art history timeline

European art history timeline

This timeline in interactive in the sense that when you highlight the artist with your mouse a peice of there work appears. Apart from that theres nothing more, the colour scheme is quite boring, and the text is hardly noticeable. Interact with this timeline

 Educational art history timeline

This example of an interactive art history timeline has more to offer than the previous example, in the sense that it displays more imagery, the downside is the ways in which you interact may not be visable. just use the arrows and click on the "major artists" text to interact with me

Smart history timeline

 This one is interactive but also provides you to links for more information about specific movements and facts in regards to art history, looks better than the others, if its information you want then click here to interact

History of art education timeline

This is an interactive timeline about art or is it art education I wasnt quite sure, but you never know what you will find, looks all old and stuff, modernised by interactivity  curious? Interact with this timeline

Life of Van Gogh Timeline

This claims to be an interactive timeline, but its just a website, with really small text and crap usabilty, but who am I to judge, Im just trying to showcase what is available online. Its interactive, but so is any website so nothing speicial here, maybe im wrong why dont you Take a look for yourself

Andy Warhol Interactive art history timeline

This interactive art history timeline showcases andy warhol's work and also what was going off in history at the time.Its the best ive seen so far, really interactive with good visual feedback so you know what to click on,
I suggest you look at this espeicially if you need to write about how contemporary issues influence art for your art history assignmnet, interact with this timeline

Theres only six so far, but i will post the other ten later...... happy interacting :S


Games - obscene publications act

Obscene publications act

The obscene publications act is concerned with the publication of obscene matter. It provides protection for literature and strengthens the law concerning pornography.
The obscene publications act concerns showing anything that is depraved or corrupt which includes such things as torture,bestiality,necrophilia,or rape.
If you break the law under the obscene publications act you could get a prison sentence.
If you download, contain or share the maximum prison sentence is 3 years. The prison sentence for creating or producing such content is two years and you can get a 6 month jail sentence for downloading obscene content.

The impact of the obscene publications act within interactive media

In interactive media the obscene publications act applies to showing obscene or corrupt content within interactive media such as in video,websites or even computer games.
I found an article online related to interactive media about how a computer game was banned under the obscene publications act.
The article is about a computer games developer who created game that apparently corrupted the mind of a 17 year old causing him to act out what he had seen in that game and kill his friend with a hammer.
Here is an extract from the article that states how the game encouraged the 17 year olds actions;
The original Manhunt game caused huge controversy and was blamed for the murder of Stefan Pakeerah.
"There is sustained and cumulative casual sadism in the way in which killings are committed, and encouraged, in the game."
The boy was stabbed and beaten to death in Leicester in February 2004.
His parents believe the killer, Warren LeBlanc, 17, was inspired by the game.
The game was considered to contain corrupt and depraved content which included such things as sneaking up on people and suffocating them with plastic bags and smashing there skulls with hammers.
The creator was taken to court and the game was banned and put under the obscene publications act. The creator was given a two year prison sentence.

This is an example/screen shot from the video game Manhunt that was banned under the obscene publications act. The example clearly shows how the player has to take an enemy from behind and suffocate them with a plastic bag.
This was in breach of the obscene publications act because it was considered as corrupt because of the way the killings were encouraged in the game.

Grand theft childhood - issues with video games

 I found an article about how violence in video games can effect children, As a parent myself I wouldn't dream of letting my 9 year old play any game over 7 plus  unless I had played it first and was absolutely sure that it was appropriate, I mean the age rating on games is there for a reason so I don't understand why so many parents allow there children to play such games. I guess video games are just a free babysitter, and that to me is wrong, subjecting a child to inappropriate content surely will affect them, there actions and the way they look at the world.

I myself have relatives and neighbours that let there children who are as young as 4, play games such as grand theft auto, which involves the beating and killing of women, and there attitude towards women is totally different to that of a child that has never experienced this kind of interactive crap. (my son).

These games can easily be restricted by parents but what about the free games you get online? that can be accessed by anyone, I suppose the only solution is to limit your child's online activity or restrict it completely.

This is hard in a day and age when accessing the Internet is so easy, children can do it from there handheld games consoles (newer Nintendo DSi's allow the user to browse the web).

here is an extract from that article,

Today there are a lot of games—many of them available for free—that make no bones about spewing racist, sexist, homophobic, and anti-Semitic beliefs, often wrapped in attempts at humor. Many are quite simple. In The Suicide Bombing Game, players use a computer mouse to direct an Arab suicide bomber along a city street, timing the explosion to maximize the carnage. After each explosion, the scoreboard lists the numbers of men, women and children killed and injured by the blast. The start page of the game shows a caricature of the late Yassir Arafat; all of the people killed on the street except the suicide bomber are white.

student web designer - Cant afford fireworks?

So your a student web designer, your not in college and want to get on with your work... your free fireworks trial has expired and you cant afford to buy it because your a student and your EMA wont pay for it, 
Im sure there are plenty of sites that will let you download fireworks for free....
but here are 10 free mock up applications for young web designers who want to get on with there work with a clean conscionsce.
Pencil Project
Wireframe - Mockup Free Tools

Web Site Wireframe Tool

Wireframe - Mockup Free Tools

Hot Gloo – The Online Wireframe App

Wireframe - Mockup Free Tools


Wireframe - Mockup Free Tools


Wireframe - Mockup Free Tools


Wireframe - Mockup Free Tools

Prototype Composer – Free Prototyping Tool

Wireframe - Mockup Free Tools


Wireframe - Mockup Free Tools


Wireframe - Mockup Free Tools


Wireframe - Mockup Free Tools

iPhone Mockup Web App

Wireframe - Mockup Free Tools

2011 Interactive Media Awards

Limkokwing Community Portal and iPhone application win 2011 Interactive Media Awards

World Wide Domination, Limkokwing University of Creative Technology’s award-winning web team, has won two Outstanding Achievement Awards under the Education category in the 2011 Interactive Media Awards (IMA) for the Limkokwing Community Portal and iPhone application. The award is the second highest honour bestowed by the IMA.
The IMA recognise the highest standards of excellence in website design and development and honour individuals and organizations for their outstanding achievement. Created by the Interactive Media Council, Inc. (IMC), a nonprofit organization of leading web designers, developers, programmers, advertisers and other web-related professionals, the competition is designed to elevate the standards of excellence on the Internet and offer winners a boost in marketing and exposure.
Entries are scored on five specific criteria: design, content, feature functionality, usability and standards compliance & cross-browser compatibility. Judges adhere to specific guidelines and criteria under a points-based scoring system which allows a score of 0 to 100 points per criterion for a maximum 500 points.
Websites and projects receiving an overall score between 460 and 479 receive the Outstanding Achievement award while those receiving an overall score between 480 and 500 receive the Best in Class award.
The Limkokwing Community Portal and iPhone application are among 145 entries submitted under the ‘Education’ category in the 2011 award year. The portal received an overall score of 464 from a maximum of 500 points based on the following individual scores: design (90), content (93), feature functionality (97), usability (92) and standards compliance & cross-browser compatibility (92). The phone application received 475 points.
Part of the University’s multi-award winning website, the Limkokwing Community Portal is a showcase of Web 2.0 ingenuity. Leveraging the power of the Internet, the portal connects the University’s vast global network of students and alumni in a borderless community. Members can access information and course materials, share their work and ideas, and chat with each other. Over 8,000 alumni and students from the University’s various campuses log on daily to the Community Portal via the web, Facebook and an iPhone application.
The Limkokwing iPhone application is the mobile version of the University’s Student Portal. Students are able to view class schedules, exam results, lecture notes and assignments using the application, which is available on the App Store. The application has also recently won the Best Education Mobile application, Best School Mobile application and Best University Mobile application awards at the 2011 Internet Advertising Competition in the USA.
The 2011 IMA was judged by representatives from American Express,, Hill & Knowlton, McCann Erickson Worldwide, Microsoft, Time Warner Inc and the Food Network, amon gothers. Other websites to receive recognition include Accenture, Disney, Samsung and Scotiabank.
This is the second time the University has received the IMA Outstanding Achievement Award. It won its first award in 2009 for the University’s website under the University category.