Saturday, 29 September 2012

Please take some time

I have put alot of effort this summer/autumn into improving my work particularly where 3d is concerned, please take a time to look at my recent improvements and maybe leave a comment.
It would be most appreciated.

My only hope is that I dont fade into the background or crash and burn in year 2.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Black holes and 3 dimensional Goals

Progression, sounds alot easier than it actually is dosent it?

It is not easy let me tell you from experience. As someone who finds it hard to visualise the future I get amazed often by the progress I make because I can never see it happening. I want it to happen I have faith it will happen but there is always this black hole in my imagination.

How much practice did I put in during the holiday? The real question and also the answer to that is "How much holiday did I get during the practice?". Apparently there was a summer I didnt get the chance to see it though.

I have been living in a world of my own 3 dimensional dreams, deciding what I can make next out of 3D now that I have gotten into it. I dont want to stop this now.

Not everything I tried worked first time but then I didnt expect it too. Im past showing my mistakes for the moment. For once I would like to show some things I have made that are starting to look cool and show a little aesthetic appeal and artistic judgment. A little commentry also.

This above image is the first thing I made out of 3D that I felt passionate about. Also the first thing that started to look ok and show a little artistic judment. Alas it isnt finished, The character isnt textured properly. I made many characters it wasnt until I studied anatomy properly that I started to produce better looking characters.


Here are just some of the characters I made out of many you can see how they look better and more correct as they go along. I see what is meant by "mesh structure" comparing this to the first character I made though that looked like a cylinder man its an improvement. 


Some other connected  quick concepts.

Another idea

I have always been a fan of fake horses and really wanted to make a  carousel horse. My inital idea was to do the whole environment in this black and white stylised way. That soon changed though but it gave me fuel for what was to come.

There is something groovy about this, although I realised that it had too much detail on that really couldnt be seen in a whole environment. Still I learnt something.

Horse as part of the carousel...... Sort of lookes like the whole things made from paper. I like it though..... it was fun.

The colour 

I continued the fairground theme. I had an idea of an amusement park in the forest that had been abandoned because of an accident.

Things are starting to look better I thought. AND YES I did think about the colours more so as the project went on. I like this needs some tweeking though, its not quite right yet.

 Ive made the broken tracks for this I havent textured them yet. I like this though. Id been using the same colour pallette I think it worked reasonably well. I started exploring complementary colours for the hotdog stand.

Today I modeled, unwrapped and textured this in half a day. The wheels look a bit dodgy for some reason I think I may have accidentally used a 256 by 254 texture (duh) will go back and tweek.
but still. I think the complementary colours aswell as contrasting really make this stand out from the rest.

That is progress. Understanding how simple things like colour can make all the difference.
 If I had done this red and green It may not have worked so well. Being able to use this judgement has worked for me and the progress in the standard of my 3d work is clear.
Being able to apply what I have learnt through making stuff over summer. I have learnt so much everytime and all of that knowledge gets carried on to the next project.
Maybe thats how to progress, carry all the knowledge on.

 My speed has increased so much and my work looks so much better than before. I am glad my hard work over the summer is starting to pay off.

I think the hotdog stand looks cool. My 3d work has never looked cool before. That is something surely.

Though I will add that Im not there yet. Where I want to be. I am not awesome yet but i'm getting to grips with what it might take. All I can see to myself is stick at it and keep going. I never saw that I could produce stuff that would start to look cool. (blackholes)

With more effort and determination maybe I will get to live those 3D Dreams that are not glamourous but they are my dreams all the same. I plan on making them come true. Peace out.