Saturday, 5 November 2011

I can do photoreal ..... so what now?

I did not finish the digital 2 point perspective peice, well not properly anyway. I thought to myself I can paint photo real but I have achieved nothing. I thought what is the point of doing a digital paintover that looks like a photograph if the original photgraph is crap? there is no point, the image is too real and I dont like it.

So now it comes back to my fear of failure, a fear of failing to produce a decent pencil drawing. It seems that the only way to get feedback on dmu facebook is to do a digital painting, no one seems to give a crap about traditional  media anymore, me I like getting my hands dirty, be it paint, charcoal or clay, i like the feeling my pencil makes as it marks across the paper, I like getting graphite stick on my hands and face. I can do digital, but its not the same.

Here is the half finished digital peice, I got bored with it

I decided to do a pencil drawing aswell, here it is below.

Honestly I like the traditional media better.  I think there is more focus on the main area of the building and the way the empty space/clouds between the sky and the building seem to let the image breathe.

I was told by one of the 3rd years that visual design dosent matter it is game production that is the most important, I was also told not to believe everything the 2nd and 3rd years say. Well visual design matters to me just as much as game production, I feel I am progressing well and I love every minute of both, it is quite something to take 3d and turn it into a 2d image, then back into 3d again. I do want to become a well rounded artist at the end of the day not just a digi freak.  You can learn any peice of software, what  it take to use you own hands to create a peice of art without relying on any software is something else entirley.