Saturday, 25 June 2011

greetings cards

I thought I'd add some of the greetings card designs I made over a year ago, I love the "Dolly and teddy concept" I made it before I was very good at photoshop so the images look a little flat, but I dont mind posting my imperfect design because you learn from it right?
here are a few designs, there not all dolly and teddy, I made some of them for family and friends, friends of friends, you know the clients that never pay you......

This is one of the original Dolly and Teddy designs, dolly was never meant to be real in the designs it was just teddy who was alive, this helped to tone down the violence because dolly look dead already.... not that that makes it ok... but...

 The designs above are dolly and teddy cards, I love the yellow one, i like the fact that dolly is hiding and she has a paintbrudh in her hand, it is obvious by the look on teddys face that he is looking for her because she has been mean to him. love it.

 This was done for an emo girl on her 21st, she actually hated the design she said it "made her look fat" but her mam liked it and thats all that mattered...still havent been paid......

 This design was made for my step nana, who likes me to be cheeky (at least i think she does) The joke is that all the old people que at the bakers in coalville town centre, they only sell 4 blackcurrant creams a day so its a race to get them, i once bought them all on one day I hope I didnt p*** anyone off.

This was a design for a childs birthday, the character is zilly,  and I made him up, the child in question knows the stories I made well, so this suited him perfectly.

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