Tuesday, 7 June 2011

3D Constraints

I thought i'd post up my 3d theory, the constraints section.
 I just love posting stuff to my blog.

Polygon count, File size, Rendering time

3D Animations are pre-rendered to create a “video” for film and TV. The time they take to render will depend on there complexity (amount of polygons). Animations for non-interactive media, such as feature films and video, are rendered much more slowly. This type of rendering (sometimes called Non real-time) rendering enables the effective use of limited processing power in order to obtain higher image quality.
Rendering times vary for individual frames and may take anything from a few seconds for simple frames to several days for complex scenes. Rendered frames are stored on a hard disk. The Rendered frames can then be transferred to other media such as motion picture film or optical disk. File size can be an issue for Rendered frames because of the amount of data in them, if a rendered frame is too big it may not fit in the computers memory and can be difficult or impossible to store or transport.
File size is an issue for games as well because the game needs to be able to fit onto a disk in order to be played, If the file size of a games was too big to fit onto a disk it could not be played unless you ran it directly from the computer it was stored on, which would be useless if you were making a game that was meant to be played by others.
Games differ from animation in the way in which they are rendered. Computer games are rendered in Real-Time because unlike animation's which remain the same every time you watch them, games change because they are controlled by the player, you never know when the player will fire a gun or in which direction they will move.
Polygon count can easily become an issue in Games because there is a limit to how many polygons a game can have so that the memory is able to run it. Because games are rendered in real-time the more polygons the game has the longer the game will take to render. An example of polygon count being an issue in games is if there are too many polygons and not enough memory it could cause the game to freeze, making the game unplayable. The objective is to make the 3D for games look satisfactory enough in terms of detail without sacrificing precious polygons to do so. A lot of games in development are using more and more polygons per 3D object because the new ultra fast computers can handle them.

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