Monday, 27 June 2011

3DS Are you not entertained?

The remake of Ocarina of time for the 3DS looks amazing, I cant believe that I passed the offer of a new 3DS because I didnt want my attention to be turned from my college work.

 I was talking to a friend last week who showed me the game on his 3DS and he mentioned to me that the popularity of them hasnt been very good because they cause epileptic fits if you stare at them for too long, but this is only if you are prone to them.

.At the end of the day watching pokemon can give you epileptic fits, and there are health and safety instructions that come with the console that clearly state you should have breaks every 40 minutes.

People want to be entertained and in my opinion Nintendo is the king of video game entertainment because they create new and innovative ways to game, its not just about flashy graphics, call the wii a crappy console if you wish but I plan on defending its awesomeness.

Before the wii game out would you have ever believed that you could game and keep fit at the same time, actually have to move to game and not just twiddle your thumbs, but that was moaned about. There were kids saying "it aches my arm," thats because you have to move mate, its called exercise.

Heres an extract from the article.
"Nintendo is contributing to the epidemic of obesity, Young and old are putting away their gym clothes and shying away from going outdoors to play sports, because the addictive appeal to the Wii game products. Just as the tobacco companies created such a false image of their products and hid the potential dangers, so is Nintendo."The irony of course is that a lawsuit blaming Nintendo for your being a fat moron who broke his arm pretending to play tennis is just as bad for lazy Americans who don't want to take responsibility for their lives.
What about the DS, the touchscreen enabled gaming in a whole different way, you could cut vegtables (cooking mama)  take dogs for walks (nintendogs) or chat women up (project rub) if thats to your liking.
I once saw a guy picking the plaque off his teeth with his stylus, something you cant do with a psp.

Image from the game project rub

Anyway the point is that some people are just never satisfied with ANYTHING and just complain about everything, the wii is awesome why cant you see it.

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