Sunday, 26 June 2011

Making animations on handheld games consoles

When I was  a child Id idle away hours with a pen and pad making flip books and then showing them off to my friends. I about died with excitement  when my sons Christmas prezzie had a free flip book application on it. Lets say he was less than pleased that he didn't get his new toy to his-self until after boxing day.

The DSi has been around for a while now, but I just love the fact that it came with free flip book software for making your own animations on the go, you can then paste these animations to the Flipnote hatena website
with a simple press of the button. Its cool and provides endless hours of fun.

I first started off with very simple animations such as a car moving or a guy blowing up a balloon, but seeing what was out there inspired me to create something a little more fun.
You have the option to allow others to build on your creations or you can make it so they cant be changed the option is yours,whatever you create it can be downloaded by others to there DSi's. I found that the best flip notes were the short ones.


Aardman (creators of Wallace and Gromit) made a few of these flip books for the DSi that were 10 seconds long and they were really good, they invented characters such as the sandwich twins about 2 rounds of toast and ski sundae about an ice cream sundae that went skiing, they also did a few to advertise the new handheld legend of Zelda games. They were all cool.

These two flip notes are among many that Aardman have made exclusively for Nintendo you can view the rest HERE

If you have a DSi watching these is so inspirational and you will soon get the flip note bug and absolutely have to make your own, like I did, Mine are not brilliant but here they are.


I made this almost two years ago, it was the most popular flip note I have ever made.

This flip note about a prank call* wasn't so popular but I found it quite amusing to make, and a lot of people I knew also found it quite amusing.
*The characters in this flip note were not based on any real person or events.

There is a limit on the colours you can use but it is quite amazing to see what can be done with this application. So there you go, check out the Flipnote Hatena Website and see for yourself!

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