Sunday, 26 June 2011

Top 10 interactive art history timeline

European art history timeline

This timeline in interactive in the sense that when you highlight the artist with your mouse a peice of there work appears. Apart from that theres nothing more, the colour scheme is quite boring, and the text is hardly noticeable. Interact with this timeline

 Educational art history timeline

This example of an interactive art history timeline has more to offer than the previous example, in the sense that it displays more imagery, the downside is the ways in which you interact may not be visable. just use the arrows and click on the "major artists" text to interact with me

Smart history timeline

 This one is interactive but also provides you to links for more information about specific movements and facts in regards to art history, looks better than the others, if its information you want then click here to interact

History of art education timeline

This is an interactive timeline about art or is it art education I wasnt quite sure, but you never know what you will find, looks all old and stuff, modernised by interactivity  curious? Interact with this timeline

Life of Van Gogh Timeline

This claims to be an interactive timeline, but its just a website, with really small text and crap usabilty, but who am I to judge, Im just trying to showcase what is available online. Its interactive, but so is any website so nothing speicial here, maybe im wrong why dont you Take a look for yourself

Andy Warhol Interactive art history timeline

This interactive art history timeline showcases andy warhol's work and also what was going off in history at the time.Its the best ive seen so far, really interactive with good visual feedback so you know what to click on,
I suggest you look at this espeicially if you need to write about how contemporary issues influence art for your art history assignmnet, interact with this timeline

Theres only six so far, but i will post the other ten later...... happy interacting :S

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