Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Word Vomit - You better get used to it.

I was asked today by my now Ex lecturer to look at some exampes of cool typography so we could find some inspiration for our art exhibition poster. The problem was, for me that the words cool and typography shouldnt exist in the same sentance, I was told that i'd better get used to it. used to it...YES. happy with it....NEVER!
In my opinion its nothing more than WORD VOMIT!

I made this, took like 5 minutes.

The truth is..... I just dont get "typography" never have, never will, I dont really get "graphic design" to be honest. Graphic design just isnt my thing. If one was to google cool graphic design they would find themselves bombarded with stupid phrases in a bad overused typography style such as "good graphic design is this.... good design is that?"
but the truth is that it never really addresses the question. Exactly.... what is good graphic design? because I'd really like to know the answer.

Is it, this looks cool? therefore it is good graphic design,  because it dosent look cool anymore it all looks the same. I want to see something new and exiting, I want to see it evolve into something better.

It seems that everythings been done, you try to think of an original idea, you find 1000's of the same on google images.

Is good design about solving the problem of the client or fulfilling the needs of the audience? as long as the problem is solved is the design good?

I absolutley have to make the promotional material for the college art exhibition, maybe along the way, my question will be answered.

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