Friday, 27 May 2011

Top 10 most hilarious college moments

1. Pretending I didnt know what an API was and getting the teacher to explain it over and over again.(whats an API?, I dont get it)

2. Playing catch phrase on the teachers back.

3. Getting teachers boss to photcopy charicature of the teacher.

4. Leaving treasure maps with no treasure to find.

5. Making a wanted poster from a photo of my 1st year tutors face.

6. Putting seeds in pockets.

7. Stuffing tutors sleeves with bogroll.(then having the cheek to ask if I could leave early so I didnt have to face the consequences)

8.When the tutor asked me a question 3 times and everytime I just stared at smart bored and pretended I didnt hear.

9.Sneekily eating a salad, a pot of humous and an avocado pear under the table in class.

10. The quitters closet.

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