Monday, 30 May 2011

outakes and deleted scenes.

Just some funny dodgy shots that occured along the way. Ive included them so I can explain why I did not include them.

Alice falls over

This occured when the armature started to weaken, at this point several scenes had been animated before the change in her face which involved alot of moving, meaning the armature had already weakened considerably. It was really hard for her to stand up after this,which is why she kept falling over. The armature had to be bent back to straighten it, weakening it even more.
I had to film this entire scene again, from scratch.

Caterpillar looses hand

I didnt even realise that this had occured until I was half way through filming this scene, you can see the pipe cleaner, Im glad I noticed.

Alice stops for a bite

I think the positioning of alices head was the issue here, luckily This scene was removed due to alices face getting wrecked and havig to be rebuilt, The funny thing is had I included this scene, with this frame it may have altered the story considerably, considering all of the weird stuff she saw after this shot ( smoking caterpillar that talks) This may not have been approprate for the younger side of the target audience. It may have been unappropriate.

Alices dodgy make up

This was the reason I changed the head, I nicked the cheek with my nail, got red felt tip on her face and she had something black underneath her eye. I washed it off ( or tried to) and made it worse.

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