Saturday, 28 May 2011

Storyboard and research

On reflection my first storyboard wasnt very good because all of the veiwpoints were the same. I looked on an animation website and found out

When creating storyboards or animating your masterpieces, you can't just throw crap on a page and hope it works. Well ... you can, but chances are it won't. It helps to know how to position your subjects within the frame, and to know how to manipulate "camera" angles to create specific moods.

I think my older target audience would appreciate interesting camera angles because they helped to create different moods. so I decided to look at storyboards from existing animations to help me make the veiwpoint more interesting. I found some examples of storyboards from existing alice in wonderland animations I felt they would really help me because they would include similar content to my animation which would also help with the arranging of scenery aswell.

Here is some of the storyboard from the walt disney animation "alice in wonderland"

Here is my 2nd storyboard in full. I am also showing individual frames and how they were inspired by the storyboard from the disney film.


The frame where alice peeks through the grass was greatly inspired by the disney storyboard, I thought that the angle of alice coming through the grass would be interesting because it dosent let the veiwer see the whole scene and it helps build up to the point where alice meets the caterpillar.

The second insoirational storyboard picture was this one that shows alice looking at the scene from behind her. Although its not exactly the same i felt that this camera angle would be appropriate because it gave the veiwer a sneek peek of the scene from the characters perspective.

The third storyboard picture taht i found inspirational was this one.

I liked the way that alice was underneath the mushroom,I altered mine a bit so that you couldnt see the caterpillar yet. My idea was that the caterpillar would suprise alice and the viewer by just popping up.

the fourth inspirational storyboard was this one.

The caterpillar sits on top of the mushroom smoking the hookah pipe. I thought that the hookah on the mushroom was a good idea as the prop could be seen which is important because it is part of the characters "character". Alot of represenataions of this scene have the hookah on the floor. My animation would need alot of long shots for the hookah to be seen if it was on the floor. As I the rest of the props will be really big when they are made.

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