Monday, 30 May 2011

experimenting with material for the characters

In my last animation i found that using clay for the models made it so that they melted and came apart.
As you can see in the picture below the comparison on the clay from the beginning scen to the ones that were filmed at the end. The clay looked ok at first in the picture on the left hand side then started to melt and look worse for wear.

This is one of the reasons I thought about using another material this time. I thought about using model magic but before i did so i decided to experiment with making characters with model magic So that I could find out if it was a more suitable material.

I experimented with making a head from model magic, I found that the model magic was harder to work with than clay as it stuck to itself more easily.

The benefits of it were that the material hardened after a while which prevente it from loosing shap like in the clay example from my last animation.
And I could also stick small detail to it without worrying about it falling off.

 I also experimented with painting the model magic as you can see in the above experiment. I found that the more time and care was taken the better it looked.

I decided to use model magic for my final model as I felt it was most appropriate material for adding the detail that i thought would visually appeal and communicate my intentions to my audience. I also knew that the target audience would appreciate seeing a model that didnt fall to bits and look unprofessional.

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