Sunday, 29 May 2011

The ground beneath the scene.

probably not the most important part of the scene but i needed an area where the character alice could walk through the scene that suited the rest of the scene and didnt look out of place.

I conducted a few experiments to see what would work best
I experimented with different shades of green paint using diferent methods of painting.

I used a reglar paint roller with a moderate amount of green paint on it for this effect, I like the way that it look textured because this looks real and I think that it will communicate that visually to the target audience.

I used a paint roller with paint only on parts of it. I dont think that the effect it has made will visually communicate grass so i dont think that this technique is appropriate as it wont be suitable for the target audience.

This blotchy effect was done with a roller sideways with a mixture of green and yellow paint.I like the way it looks like patches of grass. I think that the effect communicates that, however it is inconsistent with other parts of the scene, which are whole colours for that reason i think this effect would look out of place.

I used a roller with squares on it for this effect,i rolled it across the paper in both a horizontal and vertical direction its patchiness does not give the grass effect that I want so i do not think that it will be appropriate for my scene.

The final technique that I tried was too use a square roler thick with green paint, i roled it across the paper once,I dont like the effect i dont think that it communicates the correct visual language as it dosent look like grass.

most suitable technique for final ground

I have decided that this is the most suitable and approprite experiment to use for the ground of my scene because of its textured effect and colour it communicates grass visually, suiting target audience. I will also be able to cover a large area quickly with the paint roller, making it a good technique to use.

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