Saturday, 28 May 2011

Negotiated Brief

Victoria Kate Cichocki

Section 1

Brief Title- Alice in wonderland animation

In this project I will work towards producing a stop motion animation based on a paragraph from the book Alice's adventures in wonderland, This will include making models and scenery, drawing concepts and storyboards and animating.
The final animation will be of a length no shorter than 30 seconds.

This project relates to my work and ideas because I have studied a chapter from the book Alice's adventures in wonderland in a previous project and was able to understand the text so that I could make an accurate representation of it, I have also experimented with digital storytelling in a stop motion animation project, and came up with concepts for 3D models of scenes and characters.
This use of 3D relates to the course I will be studying at university as it involves the design and creation of 3D characters and environments from concepts and will help me gain a better understand in 3D modelling, increasing my understanding of the subject and also helping me to extend my creative ability and experience in 3D modelling by learning from the mistakes I made last time to ensure that the standard of my 3D modelling increases. I will put emphasis on trying to make the 3D models reflect their description in the book because I think this is important to show my ability to design characters based on somebody else's ideas.
My target audiece for this project will be teenagers and adults.


My main influence for this project is the book Alices adventure in wonderland and the representations of the characters in it, particularly the characters and scenery aswell. To acuratley design 3d models has inspired me to conduct research into existing characters, what they communicate visually and the design of models as a starting point to this project. This will include the methods of building of armatures, how to build the models so that they will move correctly. This is relevant to my project because this research will help with my understanding of the correct procedures and techniques involved in the making of 3D models. I will find examples of 3D models from current and past animations to help me develop my ideas.
I will also research into representations of the characters and scenes from the book and look to the text in the book to see if they have been created as they where described in the book.

I will get my research from the following sources;

Books and magazines

The complete animation guide
Get started in animation
The fundamentals of animation
The Animators survival kit
Imagine Magazine
Alice’s adventures in wonderland


Aardman website
West midlands animation forum
Hot animation studios

Films and television programs

Aardman animations

Wallace and Gromit
Chicken run

Tim Burton animations

The nightmare before Christmas
The corpse bride
James and the giant peach

Hot animation
Bob the builder
Luna Jim
Fireman Sam

Section 3

I will research different methods of creating models for stop motion animation and I will experiment before I make a decision about what to use. Plan to make models using modelling clay (plasticine) to develop my 3D character models. This will include using modelling tools. I also plan to use the correct lighting .I will use my research along with the chosen media to influence experiments to help me develop the best methods of creating the models.
I plan to plan my animation with storyboards , sound effects and lip sync that will lead to producing an animatic in adobe premier pro I will then use dope sheets to plan my animation. I will use an appropriate program such as monkey jam or make AVI to put my final animation together.


Week 1: Mon start research

Week 2: Mon have research finished

Week 3: Tues start development

Week 4: Mon Scripts, record voice and sounds, make storyboards and animatic, fill in dope sheets

Week 5: Make models and set

Week 6: Mon start animating

Week 7: Put animation together in program,

Week 8: Evaluate project.

Section 4

I will make notes throughout my project and my method of recording the critical response to my ideas will be to record my progress with the project on my blog so I can go back to it later to help evaluate the project. I will evaluate any problems i have with the project on my blog as they appear and write about how i solve these problems to help me critically review my work to determine its success.
I will also evaluate and compare my work against my original plans and intentions and also compare my final work against the animations I have researched.

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