Friday, 27 May 2011

My best and worst college moments.

Now that my Final Major Project is handed in I thought I would compile a list of my top 10 assignments I have done.

1. my first distinction -
Book illustration, I loved this unit, It was definatley the most organised of all of my projects and my first ever distinction, this is the project that made me realise I was capable of getting good grades.

2, My stop motion models- 1st year
I was really proud of my clay models that i made for stop motion in the first year,
I loved making them and being told they were excellent.

3. Staying up til 3am for 2 weeks
Video production was the project I most feared in the second year, but I came up with a original idea and mixed live action footage with traditional and stop motion cut out animation. stayed up til 3 am for 2 weeks and pulled it off.I was knackered, Loved it.

and the worst

1. Going home in tears.
First day of the second year, new teacher, made me cry first day, and many times after that.

2. getting my first refferal.
Second year Video production theory, must learn to mind read teacher to get information.(communicating verbally is obviously beyond me?)

good at many things, interviews are not one of them.

4.2nd year, being cheeky to teach and getting told off like I was 5
(felt like complete idiot,deserved it,certainly didnt do it again)

5.Being told I could AFFORD to get a pass
I wanted to actually learn webdesign, so I tried and I suceeded, I could AFFORD to get a pass, I just didnt want to.(else id be bored)

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