Friday, 27 May 2011

Top 10 most embarrasing college moments.

1. Not knowing what typography was.

2. Not knowing what a moodboard was (probably worse than number 1)

3. Tripping over my own shoe and falling on my bum, in front of a room full of new first years.

4. Staying up all night and forgetting how to open up a word document.

5. Nearly taking ALL MANGA to interview
(I cringe when I think of it)

6. being asked to mark a students work.
(probably more embarrasing for him than me)

7. nearly taking felt tipped andy warhol fakes to interview.(soup)

8. When my 1st year tutor tripped up coming out the gym.(lol)

9. When I asked a member of staff how Mary Poppins defied the laws of gravity and maintained the grip on her brolly.

10. When I left my 1st year tutor a naughty plastecine model on her laptop (during I.V week)

1 comment:

  1. Victoria...i nearly wet myself when i read this. It was the Mary Poppins Q that did it. That really was scream. Don't forget No deal or no

    At least we've established what is and what isn't Mary Poppins eh!
    I will miss you and the laughs we had..x