Monday, 16 May 2011

my armature snapped :(

I was determined to get this damned animation done this week, but oh no... something else had to happen, last week i got marker pen on the face of alice and had to completley rebuild alice.

you can see the marker pen, just above her lip, me "the idiot" thought it would be quicker to colour her lips while they were attached to her face.

this week the armature snapped, and alice can no longer bend... I have three shots left to film and guess what, all of them involve the character bending, I am tempted to prop her up with a bit of invisible wire. or attach the top half of her body onto a stick and stick it in some plastecine and move her that way.
This little lull has made me realise that the armature has to be fit for that it lasts, or else there is no point.

This is as far as she wil bend without falling over, literally she will fall after a few seconds of standing so its just a case of snapping the shot and grabbing her before she gets a crack in her face (again.

I may have to persuade someone to "hold" her while I take the snaps.

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