Sunday, 29 May 2011

hookah pipe- designing the concept

one of the important props for the scene was the caterpillars hookah pipe.The text in the book did not say much about it so this left me free to design it how i liked. I decided to make a moodboard on hookah pipes to help me with its design.of course I wanted to consider that the pipe looked real enough to fit in with the other parts of my scene so that its visual language was appropriate for the audeince.

hookah pipe moodboard

hookah pipe concept, the hookah pipe was important but i did not want tit to overwhelm the rest of the scene so i simplified the design so it is still clear that it is a hookah pipe but its not too fancy like the images for the moodboard.

turnaround sheets

scale drawing

I needed some to create the shape of my hookah. with ease if possible so I used a perfume bottle EXACTLY like this one as the base for my hoohak pipe, i covered it in model magic and then painted it.

this is my pipe i used a pipe cleaner for the actual pipe and painted model magic for the rest.

visual language and appropriateness

I designed the hookah pipe so that it looked real enough to appeal. i think that the visual language including its shape and colour has communicated this.
as i stated before i did not want this prop to overwhelm other parts of the scene and it dosent, its nice and simple in form.

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