Monday, 30 May 2011

correct visual language?

I felt that all of the reserach i had done to aid in the creation of my models and scene had paid off. but on reflection i wasnt sure caterpillar design communicates the idea of a caterpillar as I intended and if he was appropriate for my animation.

I decided to put all of my characters together in the scene along with the other props and characters to see if i had created the visual language that I had intended.

under the correct lighting I felt that the scene and characters went together really well, I thought the colors looked good together,and the visual language i had thought about in my research and development AND THE IDEAS THAT I WANTED TO COMMUNICATE in relation to the brief. I felt that alice met the preconception of her character from the book and the scene looked as lewis carol would have imagined it.

however (and theres always a however with me I didnt feel that the caterpillars shape did him any justice I felt he looked a little square, he needed to be altered, or made again entirely, if not i felt i would not solve the problems that i wrote for myself in my brief.

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