Monday, 30 May 2011

contextual references - cloth tape

Before making my models I decided to find out how they made models for professional stop motion animations. I found a video about how they made the bunnys in the film "wallace and gromits curse of the were rabbit"

I found out from the video that they used cloth tape to help stick the modelling material to the armature.

I decided to experiment with using the cloth tape approach for my own models as in my previous animations I found that the material did not stick to the armature very well.

When making my characters I experimented to see how well different kinds of materials would stick to the wire armature with and without the use of cloth tape.

the image above shows how i have covered the feet of my caterpillar model with cloth tape. I wrapped it around the wire so that it was completley covered.

modelling material stuck to cloth tape

modelling clay stuck to wire armature

I experimented with sticking model magic and clay to the cloth tape both materials worked equally well. I found that the cloth tape realy helped the material stick to the armature so I decided that I would cover my aramatures with cloth tape before I added the modelling material.

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