Sunday, 29 May 2011

underneath the mushroom - response to experiments

In response to my experiments i decide that the black foam was the most appropriate material creating the underside of the mushroom.

most appropriate material (black foam)

I decided to use it for my final mushroom.
I cut out strips of black foam, turned the mushroom upside down and glued it to the underside using pva glue.

I stuck the black foam around the underside of the mushroom until it was complete.

After the glue had dried i turned it the correct way to see how it looked.

i think that the choice of material i have used for the underside of the mushroom will help improve the mushrroms realism. this is an important part of my own brief because i wanted the scene to be an accurate representation of the book and the mushroom is the centre point of the scene so it is important that it looks the part because it will be visible to the veiwer alot.

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