Sunday, 15 May 2011

make your moodboards digitally and save loads of time.

Here is the moodboard and client visual for the contact page I made for my web design project.
I like this style of moodboard because it dosent involve a lot of tedious cutting out. I have spent a week vbefor sticking things into a sketchbook when i could have been cobcentrating on a better final peice, Ive made all my moodboards in photoshop or fireworks since. Its more than a coincidence that my final peice for this project was a lot better than previous projects.

I think this moodboard looks just as good if not better than the cut-out method, its also alot easier to get my ideas down on, which may have taken longer with the traditional cut and stick approach.

This is the client visual, I would usually have made lots of moodboards, one for text,background, others designs etc....
The moodboard above reallly helped me decide exactly how I wanted the page to look,and more importantly in less time because after all time is money or so they say.

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