Monday, 30 May 2011

alice concept art - extending creative ability

Here are the pics of my concept art for alice.
From the start to the final design. inbetween I looked at tutorials of how to do cool paintings digitally. Part of the brief i wrote was to extend my creative ability, i didnt think the first concept quite cut it. I wanted it to look proffesional.

the most important tutorials I found were.

this one about painting hair in photoshop

heres the link

here is part of what i looked at to help with the hair, i didnt copy it directly i just took from it what i needed to get better.

The most inspirational reference I looked at and probably the most informative was a video I found about how to paint a metal effect digitally

I didnt need to paint metal in my concept art but this tutorial taught me how to get the correct tones and how to paint all in grey at first. After I looked at this tutorial I felt like it gave me the means to be able to paint anything digitally really well.

i think the improvment between the concept art is clear, i am pleased with how good it looks, this project has certainly hlped me to improve my creative ability, a problem i set to solve when i wrote the brief.

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