Monday, 30 May 2011

The flowers didnt work and why

I conducted many experiments into the creation of the flowers but i felt that none of the ideas I created met the audience needs.
I looked again at the pictures from the professional stop motion animation scenes.

I looked at the flowers in this scene that were made of plastic and realised that it was there precise shape and form that made them look so good.

Notes on the flower.

I made notes on what made the flower in the professional stop motion animation look so good.
I made a list of the visual language of the above flower to help me create the same/similar language
  • Realistic shape
  • the leaves were present
  • realistic colour
  • more than 1 colour
  • centre detail
 I had spent so much time conducting experiments into the making of the flowers, there was no way I
could achieve the same level of detail as these ready made fakes.

I thought to myself "would it really hurt if I used ready made flowers for my scene?" it would depend how they looked on the scene. I had trouble finding any ready made weeds as artifical flowers tend to be replicas of more fancy plants, the closest thing i could find were these.

I put them in my scene to see how they looked and I was impressed at how good they looked.

The colour orange in them had a really good contrast against the blue background.
It was confirmed. These were the flowers that I was going to use for my scene.

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