Saturday, 28 May 2011

Researching the scene - part 1

After I had researched the chapter "advice froma caterpillar" to find out what was included in the scene. I used the information I had found and I decided to make a mind map of things that were in the scene.

I found that I needed several props including a big mushroom and a hookah pipe and also flowers and blades of grass. I decided to make some moodboards for all of the things I needed for the scene.


As the story did not say exactly what kind of flower it was just that there were many of them I made a moodboard of several different types of flowers to help inspire my ideas. I also kept in mind my older target audience for my project which was teenagers and adults. So that I could make my decisions accordingly as I thought that some types of flower may not be appropriate for them because of the way they looked, for example some may be too fancy or lack the detail that I thought my target audience would appreciate.I also thought about what the look and colour of the flowers would communicate visually to my target audience.

I looked at several flowers, and then I though about the rest of the scene. What kind of flowers would grow around long grass and a mushroom? nothing that would be grown in a garden. As I wanted my scene to look realistic as I thought an older audience would appreciate this.
I made a decision that the kind of flowers in the scene would most likely be weeds so I made another moodboard on weed flowers to help inspire my development of the flowers.

I felt that some kinds of flowers such as the buttercups may be a little to simple for my scene and may not meet the audience needs. And the rose i felt may be too complicated and would be inconsistence with my other prop designs.
After making this moodboard I particularly liked the dandelion, as I felt it looked bright and the high amount of petals made it look interesting, appealing and most importantly appropriate for the audience. I felt that a dandelion had the right amount of detail to be realistic enough for my scene without overdoing it. I felt this particular flower would communicate realism in my scene.

I made a moodboard on dandlions to help me think about how I could make a flower like this.


In the text of the book it described blades of grass, Alice had been shrunk in this scene so the grass needed to be pretty large. I made a mood board on grass to help me think about an appropriate style of the grass for my scene.

I decided to produce a few rough sketches on based on the moodboard how I would like the grass to look in my scene so that I could

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