Monday, 30 May 2011

caterpiller part 3 the head

as mentioned in a previous post i looked at how to make the eyes like a professional model maker.

I took the eyes out before painting the head so they wouldnt get covered in green paint

after painting the head i put the eyes back in.

i then added spikes and detail to his head

I had finished the caterpillar

I felt that most of my intentions had been met but not all,

looking back at the original mind map i had made based on what i felt he needed to look like i made a list of what had been covered with this model.

colour green
human like features
correct expression

not covered

so i decided to put him in the scene along with the rest of my props etc.. to see how he looked before i changed him in any way.

i'm running out of time... it may come to it that i have to use him.

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