Saturday, 28 May 2011

Producing the Animatic

Before I made the animatic I decided to watch a film in storyboard format with audio to help me see how many pitures I needed to put in. In previous animatics I had put in so many pictures that it looked like a 2d animation. It took a long time, as I had a deadline to meet and because I wanted to stay on task I wanted to make the animatic in as little steps as possible, so that it would not consume my time.

I was unable to take good pictures from the TV but here is an example of some of the storyboards from the internet,

Primary research
I was able to get some pictures of the primary research That I had gathered by playing the dvd on my laptop and taking screenshots, they were much better quality than taking pictures from the TV.

Responding to primary research

After I had looked at the animated storyboard from the film nausicca of the valley of the wind, i put my screenshots together and i made notes on it to help with the development of my own animatic, and storyboard.

Things that inspired me from the reserach
  • instead of actual movement lines were drawn on the storyboard to give the effect of movement.
  • the drawings just contained enough detail to show what was going on.
  • storyboard contained several veiwpoints, not just from a front angle.
  • images only changed when the veiwpoint changed
In response to this research I decided to use the inspiration that I recorded above in my own storyboard and animatic. I used lines for movement an example of this is when i used lines to show that Alice's head was turning round. Some of the drawings in my own animation just contained enough detail to show what was going on like in the nausicca storyboard. I made sure the viewpoints were different not just one throughout and I only drew one image for every viewpoint.

What inspired me most about watching the film in storyboard after I had seen the actual film was that the story board only changed when the viewpoint did. This made me think about doing the same for my storyboard and animatic so i could save time and spend more time on designing and make the characters and scenery.
I thought if one picture per viewpoint is enough to tell the story for professionals it was good enough for me.

Here are my storyboard pictures. I found I was able to use some of the pixtures twice as the shot and characters position was the same, this saved even more time.
You can see how I did this on my animatic.

here is my animatic, with one image per viewpoint.

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