Monday, 30 May 2011

making the caterpillar part 2

caterpillar body covered in cloth tape

rolling pin make model magic smooth

feet covered in model maic over plasticine to make them firm

put thin layer of plasticine on bottom half of model so he wouldnt tip over

until entirely covered

when i looked at 3d sculpture of caterpillar models to help with the design.

i found an example that i found particularly inspiring that had small bristles pushed into it to make hair,

it also had a nice colour to it and had segments which went along with my original intentions.

i experimented with this idea.

I used platic bristles from an old sweeping brush.

this is what it looked like from behind

i covered the feet in plastic before i painted the bottom half of the model so i wouldnt get any paint on the feet.

i painted the model, but i didnt think that the paint looked great on its own so i applied a texturee to it using a brush i placed loads of dark green dots over the light green, making the appearence loads better.

i used the same painting techniques for the caterpillars body.(top half)

i stuck the spikes on this model in the same way that i did for the other part of the caterpillar.

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