Saturday, 28 May 2011

Caterpillar - Designing the concept

After looking at the the text in the book I found no information about the caterpillar I made a mind map based on the characters personality.

there wasnt much information from the text in the book about the character apart from the fact that he was 3 inches tall (the same size as alice and the mushroom)and had a disagreeable personality and smokes a pipe. so I decided to look at others representation of the character. I found some examples of the caterpillar from illustrations but i was particularly interested in examples of this character animated as I wanted to see how professionals had designed this character to show his personality to help inspire my own character design.

I found several examples of walt disney's representations of the caterpillar, particularly interesting as they suited the characters personality, I wasnt so sure about the colour however I didnt feel that blue was an accurate colour to use for a caterpillar.

I felt that the expressions on the faces of the characters really suited his personality. I want to achieve this with my own design.

I decided to make some moodboards of caterpillars to help inspire my own design.
I looked at real caterpillars,cartoon caterpillar characters, caterpillar drawings, realistic caterpillar representations. realistic sketches and caterpillar sculpture to help inspire my design.

first of all I looked at some images of real caterpillars this would help me to think about how I could best design him to communicate the idea of "a real caterpillar" visually to the audience, using colour and shape.

i looked at some cartoons of caterpillars to see how the character personality was put across but i felt that these drawings were a little silly due to facial expressions and some didnt even look like caterpillars at all.

I looked at some drawings in a cartoon style to see how shape can communicate the idea of a real image caterpillar. I found that a long shape is best as shorter shapes do not make me thing of a caterpillar as they look more like a slug.

These representations all look like caterpillars I think that this is because of there fat and round shape that is associated with caterpillars, I think it is something that i need to include in the design.To help my character seem like a real caterpillar.

In these examples of realistic sketches the caterpillars have segments, I think that this is also a good idea and will help to communicate what i want with the character.

i made a mind map of what i wanted from the design based on the research i had gathered.

Out of all the imagery i gathered particularly liked this example, because it looked like he had a human face and was wearing boots,this made him seem real. he had all of the things i wanted in my design, he was fat green long had segments everything that will communicate the idea of a caterpillar visually. his human like features incorporated into my design, would help bring his personality to life.

I drew some rough ideas for a caterpillar character. Inspired by the moodboards I made.

I made this rough design based on all of the things i thought would help to communicate the idea of a real caterpillar visually.

I drew out some examples of facial expression that i thought would suit the caterpillar based on what id read from the text.I thought his facial expression would be very important to bring out his personality.

From all of my ideas I produced this peice of concept art, I felt the green colour and round shape, long length etc. of him would communicate visually the idea of a real caterpillar and his facial expression would communicate his personality.

from this i will make my caterpillar model.

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