Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Digital painting is real art

When I first began my btec nat dip in interactive media I was convinced that any digital art work was NOT art. Looking back almost two years later I realise it was mainly fear of a new medium and fear that I wouldnt be able to produce anything that looked as good as some of the stuff you see online......

AND THEN I TRIED IT.... and I wish I had tried it sooner, it has so many advantages over traditional, less costly, less mess, less time consuming, easy to reproduce.

I'm going to write down some tips in another post and talk through the process of producing a digital painting, lucky for me I made a new layer in photoshop at every stage (in case I messed up)so I conveniently have images at every stage, how cool is that.

This is a painting I created to give my teacher to say thanks for all his help.

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