Friday, 8 July 2011

My gaming history

I thought I'd write a piece about my own life experience with games. I was born in 1982 so it was near the beginning for video games, I remember that my dad had a computer in our house is was a commodore 16 which had 16 KB ram, which if you don't know isn't enough memory to store a jpeg (not that it could be displayed anyway). My dad wrote a naughts and crosses game for me and my brothers and sisters, it was really basic there was a face next to the naughts and crosses section that smiled if you won, was sad if you lost and had a straight expression if you drew. My dad was always into computers he tried to explain them to me but i just wanted to play the games, he had a book which would show you the code in BASIC that let you write some games such as a maze game. I tried doing this as a young child and made a game called "dumper" it was really boring as I recall, I chose it because it was only 2 pages long, but the problem was you had to copy the code exactly else it wouldnt work. My dad had to go through the whole code trying to find what I had missed/added by mistake, id like to say the outcome was well worth it, it wasnt it sucked.
There were some good games on the commodore 16 though, video meanies, jet bricks, one man and his droid, to name but a few, these games had colour depending on what TV you played them on (which was often the spare black and white tv we had, mum only brought the big TV upstairs when Minder was on.)

I JUST FOUND AN ONLINE C16 EMULATOR - I about cried when the music came on for jetbrix
online c16 emulator

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