Thursday, 7 July 2011

Interactive food chains for kids

I was helping my son with his science homework today. The task set was for him to create a food chain. I thought it would be cool to look online and find some interactive foodchains to assist him with his learning.
This is not a top 10 list.... I have just put my two favourites out of the ones that I found on the web.

This one was particularly good and was animated to show what happened in the food chain after the child had put the animals/plants in the correct order, It was also fuuny to see that nothing happened if you put the animals and plants in the wrong order.
Try it here

This is also a good one, It may not be as humourous as the last one but it is more realistic in many ways particularly its style.Try it here 
There is less writing in this one, but it is smaller than the bold text in the previous example.

My child particularly enjoyed learning interactively and it took him less time to learn than it would if I had gone through a diagram with him.

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