Thursday, 21 April 2011

It all has to end... but its been an absolute pleasure

I am so close to finishing my national diploma now that its scary, then its off to uni to do that game art degree :s new start and all that, my college has grown on me I enjoy being there so much, if i could relive my college years again and again fo the rest of my life I would as its been an absolute pleasure.

There are a few small things I'll miss more than others.......

I will miss learning, not just the acedemic stuff but the lessons I have learned during my two years at college, the ones that have made me grow as a person.
I found some of my second year a struggle but going over the little work that I didnt complete Its all clear to me now, it has all clicked into place.

I have decided that over the summer if i am bored I am going to post all of my assignments onto this blog to help out anybody else that may need help, its horrible having nobodys work to look at and take inspiration from. espeically when your aiming for distinction.

I am still going to continue this blog because I believe that games still class as interactive media and will still be part of Victorias interactive media experience.
I will also continue it if i find employment after uni in the games industry.

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