Monday, 25 April 2011

Interactive media Authoring

Interactive media authoring refers to the creation of interactive media. The process of authoring combines the use of creativity with interactive media authoring tools. When authoring interactive media the designer must define the target audience ,design the media content, organize the content and design the interaction with the viewer.
Interactive media authoring requires creative ideas and designing and organising media content such as sound, video and graphics to create interaction.
Interactive media authoring tools are the software used to create interactive media. The computer software or authoring tools are used to transform content and creative ideas into an interactive media product. An example of interactive media authoring tools are those included in designing a website, the author may use computer software such as Fireworks or Photoshop to create the graphics for that website, they may use Flash to create an animation for the website and Audacity to create sound. Dreamweaver may be used to organize the content, write the code and create interactivity for the website.

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