Monday, 17 January 2011


Plug – ins are pieces of software that extend the function of other pieces of software so it can do more than it did before. Plug-ins have specific purposes which can be anything from enhancing graphics to encryption to translating a language. In 3D you can get plug-ins for 3D modelling software such as Carrara which allow you to do things that you could not before you had the plug-in, For example there are plug-ins for Carrara that give you more shaders to choose from or let you add fur to your 3D models or even increase the quality of your rendering. Plug-ins give 3D artists more options and allowing them to be more creative.

This example shows how a plug-in increases the functionality of 3D software. It illustrates the new effects that can be achieved on a 3D model in Carrara with a Plug-in. The particular plug-in shown in use in this example was called “anything grows” and adds fur to Carrara. The Plug-in “anything grows” that was used to add hair to this 3D model of a bee has extended the functions of Carrara, because before the plug-in was installed it was not possible to add fur to 3D models in Carrara.

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