Sunday, 16 January 2011

Freelance work - taking advantage of design students

Ill admit the feeling you get the first time someone asks you to do some ACTUAL PAID WORK for them is pretty amazing,The outcome-not so amazing. I think its disgraceful that "clients" think they can abuse the fact that your a student and literally take you for a ride. I had one women ask me to do her 9 year olds homework for her (the nerve) for nothing, she was really rude about it to. I managed to get my teacher to get me out of it (luckily).

The first actual "paid work" I got (and I use the term paid work loosly) was a pencil drawing of someones pets, I told one of my tutors about this and they told me about this women who wanted a greetings card made for somebodys birthday based on a very private joke.

basically this womens sister was going out fora meal with her husband and her mother and the mother liked to give some money towards the meal,anyway a freak gust of wind blew the tenner out of her hand and into a feild with some goats in, anyway the husband (chris) dived bombed over this fence and apparently grabbed the tenner just before the goats did, and everyone in the restaurant were clapping in the window.

This was the first image I drew, the perspective was a little (ok a lot) out on the restaurant, so it had to be changed.
I dont mind showing people my mistakes, because human beings make mistakes, its whether or not we choose to learn from them and I did, my illustration was all the better for it too.
here is my corrected version in colours (mistakes learned from)

I did not have a graphics tablet at the time or a usb mouse so I had to tediously colour it in (i mean render it)using my laptop, I used colour on low opacity in photoshop to get the effect I wanted.
I reserached everything in the image including goats ect all in all it was about 5 hours of my time.
As you can see I have rectified the "mistakes" the perspective is better on the restaurant (though looking back at it now it is not perfect).

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