Friday, 27 January 2012

A weeks work at university - one subject

Here is a weeks worth of work for my degree course. Mind, this is just one subject.......I also have to fit in 12 hrs 3d modelling and 4 hours of writing.

Its fun, but it is hard work, its very rewarding if you put the time in. most of these are very quick thumbnail sketches....


  1. Fascinating and fantastic. I can see how you have developed since September, creatively, critically, and in your communication of ideas. This is really good. Are you going to model them in the end?

    1. Why thankyou, This is about 12 hrs work, I was told I didnt need to get better I just needed to get faster and I did. I knew that my drawing would look worse at first but over time it will improve. There is no quick fix it takes time.
      This project fyi, we were given a word "reef" and we had to design a character from it. This may seem odd but I thought about orange juice then researched carribean art just from the colour and taste of orange juice. It went from there. The temptation to design a "fish man" was there.
      The final "renders" took 10 minutes, that seems a bit quick I know but it seemed to look ok.
      we are making the models in visual design using sculpey clay next week, were being taught how to make armatures :S. I always did like 3d sculpture in college.
      How are you guys doing anyway?