Sunday, 2 October 2011

Bootcamp starts tommorow

Well Game art bootcamp starts tommorow, I'm way past being nervous at this point Im also way past excitement, I'd say I was in a state of anxiety, anxious for things to start so I can get into the flow of things.

Im really looking forward to the Games production /3D part, Im not as anxious about this as the rest of the course, because I know from past experience that software is created for the user so you just have to know/learn the steps to take to use it.

Im looking forward to the visual design part, It will be nice to sit and draw with someone telling you if your doing it right or not, sitting and drawing is relaxing, I just cant wait to become a better artist, and I will become a better artist, no matter how many hours I have to put in.

I dont know about critical studies yet, Im not entirley sure what it involves, so I cant really say if im anxious about it or not.....
so heres to the next 3 years, cheers.

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