Sunday, 11 September 2011

Digital painting landscapes second attempt

After my first attempt at digital painting landscapes I decided to spend some time in the summer practising. I am confident with a graphics tablet and have been using one for nearly a year and I can honestly say that it is the best piece of equipment I have ever purchased.

The main problem I have with doing anything that takes skill is patience, I tend to rush things before boredom sinks in but this time I took a little extra time to pay attention to the detail. Admittedly I didn't take that much time and I could have taken more time on this piece but it is something I have to learn to do, I am gradually getting there.

I am going to show my first and second attempt in this post to show how much improvement I have made in only two attempts.The main thing That is different about the above two pieces is the composition.

 While the first looks flat and uninteresting, the second is layed out better and the rule of thirds is evident, as well as depth in the piece, it is also more realistic. The colour and lighting are better in the second, the first piece looks cartoon and the colour a little fake, the only exception being the sky.

The colour and lighting are not spot on yet..... saying that from what I have learned, unless someone tells you exactly how to do it, it is practice that makes perfect.
Here is my second attempt again, slightly larger this time so the detail is evident.

There are only two weeks left until uni starts. The summer project requires a few finishing touches, Im past exitement now, I just cant wait to get the boring induction week out of the way and get down to some hard work.

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